Clutch Reveal New Album

Maryland-based heavy rock veterans Clutch have announced their new album Psychic Warfare. The record is due for an October 8 release via the band’s own label, Weathermaker Music. Psychic Warfare follows the band’s much-lauded Earth Rocker, hailed by critics and fans alike as a return to the vigorous, high-velocity guitar attack of the band’s early 2000’s material.


  1. The Affidavit
  2. X-Ray Visions
  3. Firebirds
  4. A Quick Death in Texas
  5. Sucker for the Witch
  6. Your Love is Incarceration
  7. Doom Saloon
  8. Our Lady of Electric Light
  9. Noble Savage Clutch
  10. Behold the Colossus
  11. Decapitation Blues
  12. Son of Virginia

More information regarding the band and its new album can be found via Blabbermouth.

High on Fire Announce “Luminiferous”

Stoner metal veterans High on Fire have announced their seventh studio album, “Luminiferous.” The record is currently scheduled  for release June 23 at eOne Music. The album features production from Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou and was recorded at GodCity Studios in Salem, Massachusetts.

“Luminiferous” follows up their 2012 release “De Vermis Mysteris,” which received near-universal acclaim from music critics.


1. The Black Plot
2. Carcosa
3. The Sunless Years
4. Slave the Hive
5. The Falconist
6. Dark Side of the Compass
7. The Cave
8. Luminiferous
9. The Lethal Chamber

Artist Spotlight: Earth

Admittedly, I’ve not been one for drone music. I’d always associated the genre with some irrational repulsion – the type that sent my younger self retreating to the thin walls of my bedroom at the sound of my neighbor’s lawnmower. Sure, there were exceptions, namely the variety of epic moments throughout the Godspeed discography and the occasional mixed-genre ambient recording, but that all changed when I heard Earth’s 1993 recording, “Earth 2.” That record opened my eyes to the unique quality, and the unique power, of drone.

Since that time, I began working forward through the band’s discography, one album at a time, until I discovered their opus: last year’s “Primitive and Deadly.” While this newest recording may have largely left the rumbling repetitious notes behind, it’s ventured onward into new sonic territories. For Earth’s latest phase, post rock, post metal, stoner and psychedelia are all part of a grander design to capture the essence of the very ground they tread. It’s strength, consolidated in musical form – a mission they’ve always seemed intent to fulfill regardless of musical style. Earth’s plans for future expansion are anyone’s guess, but the safe bet is that the result will be something to remember.

More information regarding Earth can be found at the band’s website.