Artist Spotlight: Hisstracts

I can’t fault anyone for not having heard of Hisstracts. With only one album under their belt playing the least marketable style of music imaginable, they’re not really arena fodder. Ambient, noise and electronica are the names of the game, and the band plays it like grizzled veterans. Together, David Bryant of Canada’s Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Kevin Doria of Growing manufacture David Lynchian soundscapes channeled through radio static, menacing washes of distortion and just about every other permutation of modern soundscapes imaginable.

In other words, Hisstracts debut LP Shortwave Nights just might be one of the least musical music recommendation you’ll get this year. Tracks like “…shortwave nights” work through a distinct post-rock ethos via monochromatic drones and echoed guitars. It’s the type of sound you’d expect to permeate abandoned cities in a ruined, post-disaster world. Moreover, it’s expertly constructed. Subtleties reveal themselves throughout, keeping Hisstracts’ debut an engaging listen that doesn’t wane on repeat. Together, Bryant and Doria nail both their sound to tape and their audience to the speakers. If you’re a fan of Ulver, Grouper, Sun 0))) or just a fan of noise that sounds like the end of the world, give Hisstracts a go. You’re sure to fall in love.

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