Wish You Were Here: Bands Who Deserve a Comeback

The mid 2010’s seem saturated with aged bands returning for highly-anticipated comebacks. 90s rock veterans Failure are set to release “The Heart is a Monster” in June. Faith No More’s “Sol Invictus” hits shelves in less than a week. Refused has announced a new album is in the works, as have shoegaze pioneers Slowdive. Many more are entrenched in the studio, looking to break years, even decades, of silence with the ever-elusive return. The following bands are acts who I’d love to see release new material.

1. Hum

Hum is a rare breed of band. Originally active for eleven years, the group released four albums: two of which are considered shoegaze classics. Talbot and company peaked with their last, “Downward is Heavenward” and disappeared. Sure, they’ve played some live shows since, but the band has made its intention to stay a live act clear. That’s a shame, because another Hum record would excite a lot of people. I certainly wouldn’t mind.

2. Isis

Aaron Turner called it quits on a high note. 2009’s Wavering Radiant was a great record — one that any band should be proud of. That’s what made the band’s end so unfortunate. Sure, it’s respectable to leave before the inevitable drop in quality, but it seemed clear that Isis wasn’t going to fall prey to it any time soon. It’s been six years since the band’s last record, and it would be interesting to see how recent projects by Turner and his former band mates would influence the Isis sound. It’s probably not in the cards, but I can always dream.

3. Bark Psychosis

Few bands can claim to be the pioneers of their genre, but Bark Psychosis can. In 1994, the band released its debut, “Hex,” which set the rules for post-rock to come. Mysterious, subtle but alarmingly intimate, “Hex” sounds vital 21 years later. Sure, the band came back for one last hurrah with “Codename: Dustsucker” in 2004, but it’s well past time for another record. We’re past the 10 year wait between records, guys. Don’t keep us waiting.

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