Artist Spotlight: The Tallest Man on Earth

When the Tallest Man on Earth released “There’s No Leaving Now,” change was clearly in the air. Drums, bass, and a myriad of other stylistic advancements crept into Kristian Matsson’s signature acoustic-folk sound. Much as Bob Dylan struck out beyond his bare-bones aesthetic, so has Matsson — diving headfirst into full band territory on his new album, “Dark Bird is Home.”

Whereas Matsson seemed perfectly content to ride his acoustic guitar talent to the end of times, that content has all but fully evaporated. Keyboards, horns, and even synthesizers dominate alongside both electric and acoustic sounds. Matsson’s also taken a leap in songwriting, bringing a keenly adventurous attitude into the fold. The backing vocals of “Little Nowhere Towns,” for instance, stand out as one of his boldest and least expected turns to date. On album number four, The Tallest Man on Earth has never been so ambitious.

More information regarding the artist can be found at his official webiste, and the new album can be purchased here.

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