Artist Spotlight: Built to Spill

If someone had told me that Built to Spill would release one of their best albums in 2015, I would’ve laughed it off. Sure, the band has been competent lately, but none of their recent releases have come close to the heights of 1997’s “Perfect From Now On” or 1999’s “Keep It Like a Secret.” 2009’s “There is No Enemy” was a solid, but relatively uninteresting entry into the band’s canon — and still a better record than the two that preceded it. But, here we are in the last days of April with “Untethered Moon,” a stunning revival if there ever was one.

The band’s latest album finds them roaring back to life, louder and leaner. Album opener “All Our Songs” carries a distinct garage vibe as it rolls onwards, guitars set to blaze against the minimalist production. It’s a clear statement of intent: we’re back. Indeed they are. The album continues to churn out catchy tune after catchy tune before culminating in the final, exasperating rush of “When I’m Blind,” a fiery eight-minute jam that leads to one of the band’s most triumphant closings. It may not be album of the year in a year of monumental releases, but it’s surely earned a spot on any respectable list.

More information regarding Built to Spill can be found at their official website.

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