Springtime Sounds

Here in Atlanta, we’ve just endured a week-long rainstorm. Now, sun is beaming down on the pavement outside my window, birds are doing their thing, and all is well outside. Spring — at least our romanticized vision of Spring — is finally here. That carries a lot of connotations musically. We all have preconceptions of what springtime albums are. For many, it’s the sunny vibe of The Beatles. For others, it’s the pounding angst of 90s rock.

For me, I’ve always associated springtime with the expansive vibes of psychedelia. Driving down the sunbathed streets while listening to revivalist and vintage psych is one of life’s greatest joys. One of my personal favorite picks is Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound. Their sound pays a clear homage to the 60s, but the songwriting carries enough vitality that it’s difficult to care. Whether it’s the fuzz-laden romp of “Clive and the Lyre” or the kaleidoscopic expanse of “Blue Wire,” Assemble Head always brings good times when the sun is out.

Legendary jazz-man John Coltrane is another artist I always return to in Spring. The joyous bounce of Coltrane’s “Giant Steps” conjures feel-good vibes like few others, and the rest of the album doesn’t slack off in this respect either. Coltrane blends masterful musicianship with an uncanny uplifting spirit, and it never fails to lighten my mood.

Spring is the season of rejuvenation and rebirth, and that can make for some truly excellent music after the dismal months of Winter. Whether you enjoy chilled-out electronica or the haze of fuzzed-out guitars, there’s something for everyone in the Spring. These are some of my favorite Spring albums:

  1. Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, “When Sweet Sleep Returned”
  2. The Tallest Man on Earth, “The Wild Hunt”
  3. Captain Beyond, “Captain Beyond”
  4. The War on Drugs, “Lost in the Dream”
  5. Tame Impala, “Innerspeaker”
  6. Bob Dylan, “Bringing It All Back Home”
  7. Earthless, “From the Ages”
  8. Real Estate, “Days”
  9. John Coltrane, “Giant Steps”
  10. Failure, “Magnified”

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