Artist Spotlight: Anekdoten

Though they may have started out as a King Crimson cover band, Sweden’s prog rock statesmen Anekdoten have moved long past their humble beginnings. The band took the phrase “cult following” to new levels with 1993’s Vemod and 1995’s Nucleus, cementing itself as a considerable force in the  prog rock underground. Abrasive, angular and undeniably authentic, Anekdoten had carved a niche all its own. Since that time, however, the band’s aggression died down and gave way to an expanded sonic palette on 1999’s From Within and 2003’s Gravity, a change that culminated on 2007’s serene A Time of Day.

Flash forward to 2015, and Anekdoten has risen from the dead with their newest album, “Until All the Ghosts Are Gone.” The band’s sixth album finds them in a mood of consolidation, bringing their brand of grounded progressive rock into the new decade. Sure, it plays as close to the canon as ever, but the craftsmanship is exceptional. Featuring guest spots from Theo Travis (Steven Wilson) and ex-Opeth keyboardist Per Wiberg, Anekdoten has crafted yet another exceptional entry into the modern progressive library.

More information regarding the band can be found at their bandcamp page.

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