Artist Spotlight: Marriages

Treading the waters of shoegaze, sludge, and post rock, California’s Marriages churn out an interesting mix. Their first release, 2012’s excellent “Kitsune” EP, found the band carving an immediate niche. No one else sounded quite like it. They still don’t, as far as I’m aware. “Kitsune” effortlessly summoned a primal, ethereal shroud of noise that defied convention. In a word, it was fantastic. Its a wondrous occasion, then, because we’ve officially been graced with a debut.

“Salome,” the band’s debut album, marks a rather important shift from the band’s first outing. Less abrasive, less noisy, and less, well, everything, “Salome” proves a successful attempt at scaleback. But that’s not a bad thing, really. Here, Marriages seem content to ride on the strength of its songwriting alone. The band’s efforts at sonic weightlifting, impressive as they were, aren’t necessary anymore. We know what it feels like to be pummeled into the dirt. With “Salome,” we’ll learn just what it feels like to float through the air.

More information regarding the band can be found at their official website.

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