Artist Spotlight: Wovenhand

David Eugene Edward’s music has always carried genuine importance, but as a solo performer operating under the Wovenhand moniker, Edwards has made his art something vital. From 2003’s stunning debut “Blush Music” to 2014’s “Refractory Obdurate,” the enigmatic and devout performer has weaved a seemingly effortless string of weighty records. Fusing darkened, murky overtones with the rustic beauty of the countryside, Edward’s has secured an identity all his own in what many fans affectionately call “gothic country.”

The zealous fervor with which Edward’s delivers his sermon-like lyrics may turn away some of the most secular listeners, but those in flight would miss the point. Regardless of one’s religious stance, the dedication and fiery passion with which Edward’s performs is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Few albums better capture the purity of Edward’s belief better than 2006’s “Mosaic,” an album that speaks volumes about the human heart and its capacity for devotion. With Wovenhand, Edwards effectively, and repeatedly, captures what so many of us look for in our lives: something to believe in, whatever that is.

More information can be found via the artist’s official website.

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