Gazpacho Unveil “Night of the Demon” Live Album

Norwegian post-progressive rockers Gazpacho have announced their latest live recording, “Night of the Demon.” The album is due for release April 27 and finds the band on tour in support of their critically-acclaimed studio album “Demon.”

“Night of the Demon” is set for both a DVD/CD and a stand-alone CD release, with the former featuring the band’s full Zoetmeer, Holland performance and the latter omitting some of the night’s material.


  1. Tick Tock – Part I
  2. Tick Tock – Part II
  3. Vulture
  4. Golem
  5. I’ve Been Walking
  6. The Wizard of Altai Mountains
  7. I’ve Been Walking – Part II
  8. Winter is Never
  9. Dingler’s Horses
  10. Splendid Isolation
  11. Black Lily
  12. Vera
  13. Upside Down
  14. Massive Illusion

The stand-alone CD version excludes “Golem,” “Winter is Never,” “Dingler’s Horses,” “Black Lily” and “Vera.”

More information regarding the album’s release can be found via burningshed’s website.

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