Recent Digs, February 2015

With February almost over, and with this website nearly a month old, I’ve been giving serious consideration to new types of content to introduce here at ToneScratch, and I definitely have some ideas in the pipeline. Starting this month, I’ve decided to type down an extensive list of what I’ve been giving my attention to — you can call it a playlist, if you will. I hope you’ll find and hear something new to enjoy here as I log down my month’s listening habits.

Without further adieu, and in no particular order, here is my playlist for February:

  1. Boards of Canada, “Tomorrow’s Harvest”
  2. Andrew Bird, “Break It Yourself”
  3. Napalm Death, “Apex Predator – Easy Meat”
  4. Midlake, “Antiphon”
  5. The Tallest Man on Earth, “There’s No Leaving Now”
  6. Sigur Ros, “Kveikur”
  7. Oceansize, “Music For Nurses”
  8. The Grateful Dead, “American Beauty”
  9. The Decemberists, “What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World”
  10. Lo-Pan, “Salvador”
  11. Mount Eerie, “Sauna”
  12. Neurosis, “A Sun That Never Sets”
  13. Grouper, “Ruins”
  14. Lupe Fiasco, “Tetsuo & Youth”
  15. Rx Bandits, “Gemini, Her Majesty”
  16. Musk Ox, “Woodfall”
  17. Blue Oyster Cult, “Secret Treaties”
  18. Incubus, “New Morning”
  19. Deathspell Omega, “Paracletus”
  20. 10 Years, “The Autumn Effect”

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