Artist Spotlight: Agnes Obel

Admittedly, I’m a late comer to the music of Agnes Obel. I only discovered the Danish songstress via her second studio album, “Aventine,” but that was more than enough leave me hooked. Composed with impeccable grace, stunning atmosphere and serene beauty, it’s the kind of record that lures you into its soundscapes with peculiar enchantment. In a word, it’s a fine album – one of the very finest released in 2013.

As Obel weaves through the record’s compositions, it becomes increasingly clear that there’s a near-mystical synergy between the musician and her instruments. Each piece reacts as if it holds a palpable connection to its handler, knowing the tendencies, techniques and tricks Obel employs to craft her alluring soundscapes and complies accordingly. It’s a wondrous thing to hear as she lays down the gorgeous “Fuel to Fire,” a slow-burning ballad led by low-end sweeps and Obel’s crystalline vocals rising high, but never so far as to leave the orbit of her grounded, earthy aesthetic.

If you’ve yet to hear Obel’s latest record, do yourself a favor; stop what you’re doing and launch your music player of choice. After all, there’s no time like the present to experience great art.

For more information, you can visit the artist’s webpage here.

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