Welcome to ToneScratch

Hello, internet. If you’re here that’s because you’ve heard of my new blog, ToneScratch. After a lengthy period of consideration, I finally decided to commit to the online world of blogging. In part, I made this decision to build my experience with online media, but, truly, this came about from my love of music and writing. The ultimate purpose of this blog is to explore, promote, discuss and critique music as an art form, whether that be through news articles, album reviews, opinion columns or other conceivable pieces of publication. Here, you’re likely to find pieces written about the music that transpires beneath the surface, what many like to call the “underground scene.” Beneath the airwaves of your radios, there’s gold waiting to be mined. Here, we’ll dig deep. I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with all of you and diving into this unfamiliar rabbit hole of self-publishing. Welcome to ToneScratch.

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